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Developing a new class of drugs for millions of patients suffering from cardio-renal pathologies with no therapeutic solution

V4Cure is based on CEA research into the use of animal toxins as a source of therapeutic molecules. The start-up is focusing its efforts on one of them, V4C-232, with two indications in cardio-renal diseases.

V4C-232 is a first-in-class molecule derived from a molecule found in the venom of the green mamba, a sub-Saharan African snake. The potency and safety of V4C-232 in treating hyponatremia and polycystic kidney disease was demonstrated in preclinical studies.

V4Cure is working primarily to develop the indication of hyponatremia in hospitalized patients. Hyponatremia is an abnormally low level of sodium in the blood. The neurological symptoms of this condition range from mild to severe: from headaches and dizziness to seizures and coma. V4C-232 will represent a safe and effective solution to control natremia

V4Cure is conducting pharmacological studies and drug candidate developments, to then launch phase 1 and 2 clinical studies. In the meantime, it is developing another V4C-232 based product as a new therapy for polycystic kidney diseases. These rare chronic genetic progressive diseases lead to renal failure disorders, for which therapeutic options are limited.


Prevalence of ARPKD is estimated to be annualized prevalence is 1.17 per 100,000 (1 in 20:000 births)

Our Team

A seasoned team of healthcare professionals with complementary expertise

Dr. Sonia Escaich


PhD in human biology
25 years in pharma R&D, 20 years in biotech management and creation

Dr. Thierry Verrecchia


PharmD, PhD in immunochemistry
20 years in pharma industry
10 years on the equity market

Dr. Nicolas Gilles

Scientific advisor

PhD in biochemical pharmacology
20 years in research at CEA
5 patents and 76 publications

Henry Dorbes


MBA, expertise in international finance for large and small healthcare companies

Nabil Gharios

Board member

Engineer, Former Abbott executive, 20 years experience in M&A, financial investment in life sciences






V4Cure is a spin-off of CEA.

V4Cure received the national ILAB grant
for innovation with the Honor Award in 2022.

V4Cure is a member of Paris Biotech Santé Biotech incubator.


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